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Write advice about going parties in your country. Use should or shouldn't and the ideas in brackets.

ОБРАЗЕЦ: barbecue / clothes?

you should wear informal clothes when yo go to barbecues.

1. wedding / clothes?

2. wedding / when arrive?

3. wedding / take what?

4. birthday party / take what?

5. birthday party / not to do?

6. birthday party / say what?

7. birthday party / leave when?


Ответы и объяснения

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1 The groom shouldnt see the bride in her wedding clothes before the wedding

2 When the bribe arrives on the wedding you should stop drinking

3 You should take your cell phone to the wedding

4 You should take a gift to a birtday party

5 You shouldnt bully the birthday boy

6 You should say a toast at a birthday party

7 You shouldnt leave the birthday party first