вставте слова

affect,requires,patenting,inventor,mechanical,signal,invention ,electricity.

1)Nobody believed that this .... could create something really outstanding.

2)Scientists are investigating the ways in which climate changes ... the ozone.

3)if you're worried about ... bills turn the monitor of at the end of the day.

4)The job ... a college degree and computer literacy .

5)The sound ... was so week that he could hardly recognice it .

6)Cox earned millions by ... a device used in steel producnion .

7)Every woman agrees that a dishwasher is a wonderful .... .

8)The plane had to make an emergance landing because of ... problems.


Ответы и объяснения


1, invetor

2. affect

3. electricity

4. requires



7. invention

8. mechanical

1. Inventor, 2. Affect, 3. Electricity, 4. Requires, 5. Signal, 6. Patenting, 7. Invention, 8. Mechanical