Помогите: нужно небольшое сочинение о каком либо прекрасном случае в жизни, используя Past Simple та Past Continuous. Это 5 клас (по учебнику Несвит)


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my family and I decided to have a trip. We were looking for the beautiful places to go. I tried to look it in the Internet. My mom and dad asked their friends. I wanted to go in some Europeans countries but my dad said that it wouldn't be very interesting. But my mom fortunately said that it  was a good idea. And we decided to go to Spain. It was every exciting! We visited a lot of wonderful places. People there are very friendly. We spent a very good time there. Попробуйте добавить реалии своей жизни. Имена ваших родителей братьев сестер и думаю получится хорошее сочинение.