напишите специальные вопросы к любому слову:

1.Rosy is going to finish school this year.

2.Rosy is interested in horse riding.

3.Her horse"s name is Fire.

4.Yes,she is.And she is the best goalkeeper in her school.

5.She is in London.

6.She is helping her aunt.

7.Because it"s Christmas time.

8.His name is Mark.

9.Mark is fourteen.

10.He is intersted in history and archaeology.

11.He is on Salisbury Plain.

12.In summer Mark always goes to archaeology.

13.Yes,they will.It"s a very interesting place.

14.Because Rob is lost in Russia.


Ответы и объяснения

  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

1When Rosy is going to finish school?

2.Whom Rosy is interested?

3.\what is her horse"s name ?

4.Who is  the best goalkeeper in her school?

5.Where She is ?

6.Whom She is helping ?

7.What   time is it?

8.What is his name?

9.How old is Mark?

10.Who is  intersted in history and archaeology?

11.Who  is on Salisbury Plain?

12.When  Mark always goes to archaeology.

13.Where is a very interesting place?

14.Why  Rob is lost in Russia?