Помогите составить рассказ про криминал на английском. ПЛЗ!!!


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Organized crime - is complex criminal activities
implemented on a large scale organizations and other groups with
internal structure, which receive financial profit and gain
power through the establishment and operation of markets for illegal goods and services. These
crimes often transcend national borders. Understanding
Organized crime is even less defined than the violent,
selfish or economic. The basis of allocation of organized crime
out of the total of illegal behavior are the nature and extent of organized
interaction of several criminals with each other when carrying out their
prolonged activity. Often determined and organized crime
as a process of rational reorganization of the underworld, by analogy with
legitimate business on legitimate markets. This
criminal business activities in pursuit of its objectives, taking
involved in such illegal activities as a deal with illegal
goods and services, market monopolization, corruption and the use of
The phenomenon of organization is not only and not so much the commission
specific acts as the establishment of the criminal groups, it
existence and its criminal activities. Exactly the same or
different crimes is a relatively common cause of organized between
an entity (a group), each of which has its own functional
duties, "the rights and powers." "Cosa Nostra" (Italian - "Our business") are more
or less accurately reflects the nature of organized crime.
The social base of organized crime and the range of its capabilities
command economy of a socialist society in the USSR were alone in the transition
economy of Russia and other post-Soviet states other in capitalist
countries - the third. In the USSR, organized crime, in parasitized
mostly on a planned economy, was simplified and subordinate bureaucracy in
"Transition" period-has become more sophisticated and extensive, independent, and in
"Capitalist world" - appears as a complex system of self-
specific subjects of special market relationships. In the structure of organized
Crime is also reflected criminal activities,
ethnic, religious, national