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Dear Spooke

А тут о том как произошло какое нибудь ужасное проишествие например я спала ночью и тут на меня подул ветер закачалась дверь и упала книга я ипугалась и звала родителей ЭТО ПРИМЕР НЕ ЕГО НАДО А ПОДОБНОЕ

а в конце спросить кто это был.


Ответы и объяснения


Dear Spooky,

I was sleeping in my bedroom last night, when suddenly I woke up due to strange noise. It was a squeaky noise of the floor in my room. In the darkness I saw something or somebody, and this "creation" was slowly walking towards me. But I didn't scare it, and asked: -Who are you?.

As answer I got a short word - Anonymous. And then I asked again: -What do you want to do with me? And it answered to me: -Just play with you.

Well, next I was hardly raped, my mother got raped next to me. And now I like it! Spooky, do you want to rape me? Please, come and do all pervert things!


Lot's of love,