предложения с глаголами love, chat, visit, relax, bring, stay, go,listen, cook, live, go out,have, arrive, get up, like, come,» помогите плиз


Ответы и объяснения

1. I love your new haircut. 2. We chatted on the phone until late evening. 3. She visits him often at the hospital. 4. One can relax very well in this spa. 5. You can bring a friend to my birthday party. 6. I will stay at home and wait for you. 7. She goes to school every day. 8. They listened to the teacher carefully. 9. She can cook Italian dishes very well. 10. He lives near the museum, so he likes to go there on week-ends. 11. Let's go out tonight, we will have fun! 12. Our train arrives in 10 minutes, we should take a taxi to the station. 13. Get up and clean your room! 14. Please come to my place to take these books.