Помогите написать сочинение по английскому языку на тему Смогут ли компьютеры заменить учителей


Ответы и объяснения


To start with, nowadays there are lots of hot debates about computers in the school. Some people strongly assure that they could replace teachers, however, others disagree, singling out that new technologies have a great deal of drawbacks. 


I definitely stand for the second point of view. My first argument is that computers are quite harmful not only for the eyes of children, but for thier nervous system too. Because of this they become agressive, tired and cannot concentrate on the work. Furthermore, pupils can misuse computers: it is possible to chat or play the games instead of learning. What is more, today it is very dangerous to rely on computers. If it breaks down, your information will be lost. 


However, there are some people who are fully against it. They point out that with computers it is simply enough to make tests and check them. I agree up to the point, but it must be taken into consideration that in this way pupils have more possibilities to answer with the help of classmates and there is nobody to control them. Moreover, they are trying to persuade that that computer can manage every work you want it to do. I strongly disagree, as I do believe, that only the teacher could explain difficult problems to the children, so that they understand it.


To sum up, it is not an easy question to answer and opinions are different. Personally I am in favour of learning with the help of teachers. To my mind, nothing could take their place.