ответить по английски на вопросы 3)What can you see when you look from the window of your room? 4)What newspapers are published and sold at the place where you live? 5)What do you prefer to buy: cheap clothes that you can change rather often or expensive clothes that will last for longer time?Why? 6)Do you type your letters when you want to send them or do you generally write them ?Why? 7)Articles on what subjects interest you most?Where do you find them?


Ответы и объяснения


1. When I look out of the window of my room , I can see the Red Square.

2. At the place where I lve business newspapers are mostly published.

3. I would rather prefer buying expensive clothes, as they can be worn for a longer time than the cheap ones at a first place. Then, they are higher quality and look better.

4. Basucally, I do type all my letters due to the fact that all of my friends and relatives use e-mails instead of writing letters.

5. As for me, articles about hi-tech are the most interesting as they contain most of interesting and useful information for people of my age. I usually find those in magazines like 'Science in Focus'.