Make the following interrogative and negative 1. The teacher repeated the question. 2. The boys played football in the afternoon. 3. The girl caught cold. 4. Mother turned off the gas. 5. They slept in the open air. 6. The pupils answered at once. 7. The boy broke the window. 8. The woman changed her clothes. 9. The tourists reached the village before dark. 10. The clock struck five. 11. Our team won the match. 12. The doctor allowed you to go out. Только задание без перевода


Ответы и объяснения


1.Uchitel repeat the question? 2.Malchiki played football in the second half of the day? 3.Devushka prostudilas?. 4. Mother turned off the gas right? 5. They slept in the open air? 6. Pupils respond immediately? 7.Malchik decompositions a window? 8.Zhenschina changed her clothes? 9.Turisty reached the village before dark? 10.Chasy struck five? 11. Our team won the match? 12.Vrach let you go out?

1. Did the teacher repeat the question? The teacher didn't repeat the question. 2. Did the boys play football in the afternoon? The boys didn't play football in the afternoon. 3. Did the girl catch a cold? The girl didn't catch a cold. 4. Did mother turn off the gas? Mother did not turn off the gas. 5. Did they sleep in the open air? They did not sleep in the open air. 6. Did the pupils answer at once? The pupils did not answer at once. 7. Did the boy break the window? The boy did not break the window. 8. Did the woman change her clothes? The woman didn't change her clothes. 9. Did the tourists reach the village before dark? The tourists didn't reach the village before the dark. 10. Did the clock strike five? The clock didn't strike five. 11. Did our team win the match? Our team didn't win the match. 12. Did the doctor allow you to go out? The doctor did not allow you to go out.