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According to popular belief, only twice a year, December 25 (January 7) and 10 (23) May, Mother - damp earth could asunder for lies, false oath or perjury.
Start partying decorum - dinner in one's own home. The woman, a respected head of the family (Bolshuha), baked round bread: wooden spoon she squeezed in a test in the form of oblique grooves of the cross and then put the bread in the oven for a Russian. The whole family gathered around the table. Table cloth shrouded under which put straw or hay ("Kolyada sivyh arrived on horses, and horses treba hay"). On the table Christmas kutya and porridge. Necessarily on a cake platter and a pretzel, and has baked for the holiday animal figurines made from wheat dough - cows, sheep, goats, chickens and roosters yes men-shepherds. They decorated the tables, windows hut (between frames), they sent gifts to relatives, neighbors, friends and children, their gifts to kolyadovschikov. That's the whole family sits primly at the table. They say only older, remember the year (good and bad in it), and the younger listen, even though they can not wait to the street - caroling! Upon completion of the remainder of the meal kuti children carried the grandparents, as well as the poor in their homes, so that they could celebrate Christmas. Neither the food nor the cloth did not clean up in the morning, believing that the soul will come to the table late parents to eat, too.