Ответы и объяснения


                                                                                       Moscow (ваш город тут впишите вместо),



 Dear Jessica,

             Thank you for your letter, I was very happy to receive it. How has been your family doing?

             I suppose, you need to have some rest to get better. Moreover, you can do sports or you have an option of following your mother's advice. By the way, you also  have an opportunity to sit at home for a couple of days and read books in quiet conditions. But I think you should try what we usually do in Russia for relaxation, something like playing beach volleyball with friends, we practise football a lot also, bowling is nice, as well, I assume, so you should totally do that.

           How does your father feel about New Zealand? Does he recomment to visit this country? Did he get to know any new things? 

     Write back soon!



   (Ваше имя).