составьте 5 предложений на англ.(только с переводом)

из:to give up.5 предл

из:to get.5 предл.

помогите,срочно)заранее спс)


Ответы и объяснения

1. She gives up ballet classes due to her trauma. 2. You should give up smoking, it kills you. 3. We gave up following his speech, he was speaking Spanish too fast. 4. I will give up this work. It's too boring. 5. He gave up this idea as it turned out to be not so interesting to him. 1. I get up at 7 am each morning. 2. She gets to work by bus. 3. We will get to this issue from the agenda later. 4. How did you get such a brilliant job offer? 5. You get to know him better each time you see him.
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You should give up smoking.
I never give up .
Give up Art!
Don't give up .
He's given up by the doctors
I will get a bus.
My birthday i got a nice car.
I will buy a home if I get my rise.
My mother got many money.
I want to get away from the city.