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Home, a place where I was born and where I grew up, always bring upon great memories throughout my stay as an international student in the United States. Home, is also a place that I love with all my heart and soul. Well, everybody loves their home, their very own home. I love my home, people from Texas love Texas, and even the author of A Small Place, Ms. Jamaica Kincaid loves her home, Antigua.
As a child, what I could never seem to perceive was that almost every event was equally meticulous and compensating. Often, said episodes were accompanied by the affable scene of my cozy home and the metropolitan, yet serene landscape of the city. Now that I look back, I was so immersed in the culture and lifestyle, that I took all these fond memories for granted. I wish I had understood how special and rare it is to be a part of something so deeply interconnected, to be a part of a community with so much love.