A lot of people have answering machines for their phones. Here are some messagesю

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0)To:Clarence From:Megan

Hi, Clarence, this is Megan. I'm busy today. I'll come to you tomorrow. Bye.

Megan told Clarence that she was busy that day.

She also said that she would come the nexs day.

1)To:Clarence From:Нelen

Hi, Clarence, this is Helen. I have two tickets for our school band concert .

I'll be waiting for you near the hall at 5 :30. Bye.

2) To:David From: Clarence

Hi, David, this is Clarence. Yesterday I was waiting for you for half an hour in the school bfnd room!

3) To:Clarence From: Grandma

Hi, Clarence, this i your Grandma. I'll be London next week.

I hope you'll meet me at the station on Saturday at 5:30 pm. Love and kisses.


Ответы и объяснения


1) Helen told Clarence (that) she had two tickets for their school band concert .
She also said (that) she would be waiting for him near the hall at 5:30. 


2) Clarence told David (that) the day before he had been waiting for him for half an hour in the school band room.


3)  Grandma told Clarence (that) she would be in London the next week.

She also said (that) she hoped that he would meet her at the station on Saturday at 5:30 pm.