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1)Look at the picture of Jenny. write short answers to these questions.

Ответить Yes, she is. No, she isn't. Yes, she has. No, she hasn't.

1) Has she got straight black hair ? ______________________________

2) Has she got glasses ? _____________________________________

3) Is she wearing a dress ?____________________________________

4) Is she wearing jeans ?______________________________________

5)Is she wearing a black skirt ?__________________________________

6)Has she got a ribbon in her hair ?_______________________________

7) Has she got a watch ? _______________________________________

8) Is she wearing black shoes ? __________________________________

2) Write a description of Jenny.



Ответы и объяснения


1.Yes,she has

2.Yes,she has

3.No,she isn't

4.No,she isn't

5.No,she isn't 

6. No,she hasn't

7.Yes,she has

8.Yes,she is


2.On this picture we  can see a young girl.She is dressed  a white shirt,plaid skirt,striped socks,black shoes,a white hat.She has a straight black hair and she get glasses.