Что мне понравилось в новой зиландии!Срочно нужно помогите ребятка!!!примерно 10 предложений!


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If I start talking about New Zealand, I can stretch the story to watch, throwing buddy incoherent dry facts. Banks are closed on Sundays, the left-hand movement, and there is no central heating system. Although, of course, all of this can be found without my help, looking at the same page of Wikipedia. Much more interesting, in my view, to try to convey the character of the country. However, "New Zealand comic" does not sound so nice, like, for example, the "prim Britain," "democratic America" or "great Russia." And I, by the way, do not be surprised at all if no one local disagree with me, but that's w. I believe that this fabled Land of the Long White Cloud inhabit comic characters.
Indeed, in what other country in the news'll take half an hour for a report about a kitten rescued from a palm tree? In what other country's leading radio and congratulated the Turkmen leader on his birthday, tell her goodbye "Take care babe"? He, of course, later laugh supposedly worried misspoke. But only vaguely, I imagine a situation in which a Russian colleague at the end of the conversation with VVP, zaraportovavshis casually so that throws following: "Take care of yourself, baby."