Wright down questions to get more information about Edinburg. Find out:

1 what Edinburg is sometimes called

2 what street lies between the Old Town and the New Town

3 what the Castle used to be

4 why the Castle attracts a lot of tourists

5 what the Royal Mile is

6 in what part of city the monument to the dog Bobby is situated

7 what makes Edinburg especially attractive

8 who lives in Hollyrood Palace

9 what kind of music the perfomens play in the square in front of the Castle

10 how high the monument to Sir Walter Scott is


Ответы и объяснения


1. Sometimes Edinburg called northen Athens.

2. Street, that turns between the Old and the New town called Princes Street.

3. Castle has been always used as o fortress and it is one of the oldest bilding in Scotland.

4. Castle is oldest building in Scotland. Its also attakts tourists.

5. Royal Mile is the main street leading to the castle. 

6. Monument to the dog Bobby is situated in New Edinburg.

7. The most attractive of Edinburgh is its long history.

10. Scott Monument is 61.11 m