Привет, мне нужна помощь с домашней работой. Проект про компьютер помогите на английском языке 10 или 15 предложений )))))))


Ответы и объяснения


1. Personal computers are a part of our lives.

2. They first entered people's homes in 1970's.

3. Nowadays computers affect our lives greatly.

4. Computers are used to write documents, to send e-mails, to look at websites, to get all sorts of information from the Internet.

5. Users can also buy different things and book tickets using their computers.

6. A lot of students study at home due to computers.

7. And, of course, people especially children like to play computer games, to watch films or sports competitons online.

8. Today there are different kinds of computers: laptops or notebook computers, palmtop computers.

9. In the recent years they have become smaller and lighter but more powerful in terms pf memory.

10. The most important thing about laptops is that they are portable.

11. I've got a computer too.

12. I use it for studying or for entertainment.