Выберите один наиболее подходящий вариант ответа из предложенных.

An email from an American friend
Dear Alex,
Vienna sounds beautiful. I am planning on saving (1)______ some money
(2)_______ I have worked for maybe a year or two and then going to several parts of
Europe. And then (3)_________ in 2018, I can visit you in Russia during
the World Cup! That (4)______ be an amazing adventure.
Good luck (5)______ your presentation for your English History course. I know it
may be (6)_________ but I'm sure you (7)________fine.
As (8)______ my Christmas, I didn't do anything special, I went back to my parents
home and relaxed for the two weeks that we (9) ______ break. My brother came
home from Los Angeles so it was good to see him and my (10)_______ family.
What are your plans? Any exciting news from Russia?
Best wishes,

1. a) on b) of c) at d) up
2. a) before b) after c) during d) in
3. a) fortunately b) unfortunately c) hopefully d) luckily
4. a) would b) should c) going to d) have to
5. a) on b) with c) to d) upon

6. a) stressful b) exciting c) harmful d) inspiring
7. a) will do b) are going to do c) are doing d) do
8. a) about b) on c) of d) for
9. a) had had b) were having c) had d) had been
10. a) another b) other c) the other d) bother


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1. A) on 2. B) after 3. C) hopefully 4. B) should 5. C) to 6. A) stressful 7. C) are doing 8. A) about 9. A) had had 10. C) the other