Написать короткое сочинение об одном любов вида спорта : футбол, скачки,гольф тенисс, велогонка. На английском языке!

Чтобы было написанно:

1 Когда этот вид спорто пявился?

2 С какого времени проводяться соревнования?

3 Какой инвентарь необходим?

4 Популярен ли он?

Заранее спасибо:*)))


Ответы и объяснения


It is known that jumps on horses were widely carried out in India and Ancient Greece, at least in 1000 BC, and it is possible, and even earlier. Jumps made a body of the program of Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, held with the VII century BC. In the beginning competitions included only run of the chariots harnessed by the four. Later jumps on horses, and also competitions of chariots to pair teams and competitions for boys horseback riders were added. Jumps took place on a hippodrome which length of a circle made about 300 meters. Value of these Olympic competitions of an antiquity was so great that winners at return home celebrated as heroes