Необходимо составить рассказ про один из видов спорта на выбор - конный спорт(show jumping), гимнастика(gymnastics), дзюдо(judo), лыжный спорт(skiing),велоспорт(cycling) или вітрильний спорт(sailing)


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гимнастика-это спорт,а спорт-это жизнь)ведь так?!

гимнастика развивает опорно двигательную систему)развивает правильную осанку.

гимнастика-одна из наиболее популярных видов спорта и физической культуры.

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The original system of the physical training which since ancient times has developed in Russia, contained a set of various exercises of gymnastic character. Ideas comprehensive including physical, the education, had a great impact on public opinion, contained in views of commander A.V.Suvorov (1799-1880), teacher K.D.Ushinskogo (1824-1876). Actually gymnastics as means of physical training, it was approved only at the end of the XVIII century when in 1774 by order of Ekaterina II it was included in the training program in sukhomlinsky military school.

In the 30th of the XIX century the gymnastics was entered into training of armies of guard, and in the 50th and all Russian army, into programs of average educational institutions. In 1855 in St. Petersburg the gymnastic and fencing hall where officers, and for a payment and all wishing, could do gymnastics was open. Military department will organize a number of the courses ("shots") preparing teachers of gymnastics for army to which the right to teach it and in educational institutions was provided: gymnasiums and real schools.

Also in 1875. Military department P.F. Lesgafta known for the works in the field of physical training, sends to countries of Western Europe for studying of experience of teaching of gymnastics the scientist-anatomist, the doctor and the teacher of the professor. Development and justification of domestic scientific system of gymnastics, its introduction in practice of physical training became result of business trip.

In 1896 Lesgaft opened biennial courses of conductresses of gymnastics on the basis of which in 1918 the institute of physical culture bearing his name was created in St. Petersburg.

Gymnastics formation in Russia is connected with creation in the 70th of gymnastic societies. However, their organization was resolved not at once. In 1863 the military governor general of St. Petersburg count Suvorov (the namesake of the glorified commander) addressed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a request to approve the draft of the charter of city gymnastic society. The minister didn't dare to make the decision independently and submitted a request for consideration of Committee of ministers which expressed on this matter such opinion: "... meaning examples of gymnastic societies in the foreign lands which evaded from the initial purpose and have addressed in some places in clubs with very dangerous directions, the Committee believes: to leave the petition for establishment of gymnastic society without consequences. " The opinion of dignitaries was reported on tsar Alexander the second, and on December 13, 1863 he wrote the instructions: "It is efficient, and I for its part not under any circumstances don't allow them."

It is the resolution long time I was zhupely by means of which all numerous requests for the organization of gymnastic societies deviated.

However, gymnastics after all made 
However, gymnastics after all made the way in life in life and a life. In based in St. Petersburg in 1863 the German club "Palm tree" the circle of gymnasts functioned. In 1870 to the Germans living in patriarchal Moscow, it was authorized to organize "Society of gymnasts in Moscow"