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Movement — the main condition modern the life, however not each citizen of our country is able to afford an individual transport, and exactly in that case the driver rescue comes. Together with it, the profession of the driver is very actual in the sphere of delivery of freights on various distances. In a duty of the driver enters not only direct management of the motor transport, but also control of observance by passengers of the basic rules of journey, safety control into a landing time and disembarkation, comfort of passengers during a trip. At emergence of breakages or malfunctions, the driver is responsible for inconvenience elimination. Moreover, the skilled driver is capable to estimate at the shortest terms a movement situation on the road, to decide on the shortest route, having avoided annoying loss of time in city jams in rush hours. For the driver ability to provide all possible hindrances, to count situation process beforehand and in case of danger to avoid collision with other vehicles also is obligatory.