Прошу помочь с ответами на вопросы. Надо ответить и дополнить, почему вы так считаете. 1. Are you materialistic? 2. Do you have a lots of possessions? 3. Do you want to be part of a group? 4. Do you always get what you want? 5. Is it important to socialize? 6. Do you like to impress your mates? 7. Do you want to follow fashion? 8. Are you influenced by music? 9. Are you into labels? 10. Do you buy secondhand clothes?


Ответы и объяснения


Yes i am,Yes i have a lots of possessions,Because i love it very much,Yes i do,Yes it is very important,no i dont like,yes i want to follow fasihon,yes,yes i kike labels,no no i dind bue secondhand clothes