Помогите написать сочинение по английскому тема: Мое изобретение короче нужно придумать какую нить хрень, типо ручки которая сама исправляет ошибки и тд буду очень благодарен


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My invention

Have no time to clean up? Problems with studying? My invention will help…

If I were an inventor I would like to invent a robotic housemaid that would do all the housework. I also think it can look after kids. Some people do not believe that it is possible. But I am sure it may be real. Let me introduce the idea. It must look like a funny thing. I don`t want it look like a human being. It will have buttons in the form of a smiling face. I suppose it will be cool. The color of it will be yellowish green. It can speak a cuddly metal voice. I guess everybody will like it. Sometimes it will help students with their homework because it is very clever. I`ll do my best topersuade everybody in the originality of my invention. But please keep it a secret from my mother. Because the clean house should be a surprise for her. She will tell me that I am nice and helpful daughter. And I will be glad and happy!