дайте определение терминов

1. intergovernmental decision

2. accession of new member state

3. single market

не больше 15 слов на каждое определени,на англисском языке


Ответы и объяснения

1. межправительственное решение 
2 вступление нового члена-государства 
3. единый рынок 1)Decision of the Council of Heads of Government. Commonwealth of Independent States. of the General Rules of the interstate. (inter-governmental) bodies. 2)The new state became a member of the United Nations on the date of the resolution of the General Assembly. Member status ... Also, there is a UN observer status, which may be preceded in becoming full members. 3)Unified European market, established in 1992 by the Single European Act. He was supposed to be formed due to the elimination of all barriers to the movement of goods ..