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Вот, посмотри, у меня была тетрадь за 6 класс, там были все рассказы и диалоги, вот такой как раз был, короткий, но потеряла, вот фотография с учебника, попробуйте сократить сами


I want to tell you about my native country -Russia. It is one of the largest country in the world. The total area of our country is 17 million square kilometres. The population of Rassia is 145 million people. The capital of Russia is Moscow. Russia is a cultural country. There are many museums, theatres , cinemas in my country. There many rivers and lakes in Russia. The climate of the country is varies. Russia is an industrial country. The colours of the national flag  are red, blue and white, The Russian state emblem is a double eagle.