Напишите по 4 примера в каждый столбец.

Complete the table. Share the results with your partner. Do you have something in common? The table is in your workbook


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Первый столбик:
 1.i must eat

2.i must go toschool

3.I must do my homework

4.i must be careful on the road


второй столбик.

1I should go for a walk

2.i should eat properly

3.i should be friendly with people

4.I should breden my mind


третий столбик.

1.I needn't do my last homework

2.i needn't do my housework,that i've already done

3.i needn't go where i  was last week

4.i needn't do somebodys' work


Things I must do this week


will go by bus in city

will go to swiming-pool


Things I should do this week


will do go to shop

will study English


Things I neednt this week:


will not read the news

will not dancing


Things i shouldnt do this week


will shouldnt sing song

will shouldnt sit in the park

Things I mustnt do this week


will mustnt optain badly mark

will mustnt behave bad


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