FAST FOOD is generally considered unhealthy but many people still like it:

1 Why do you think restaurants like McDonald's are so popular?

2 How would you make McDonald's better?

3 If you could add one think to the menu, what would you add?

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Everybody in out live have got a lot of problems and what to do everyday. Maybe you go to school or work in a big company. But we all have got the same needs. For example-we all need something to eat. But we haven't got a lot of time to go to the restorount. McDonald's are vary popular among teenagers, because they haven't got a lot of pocket money, and a very big part of them like fast food. I think, McDonald's will be batter, if there will be drinks in the public for all visitors. And it is a very god idea to put a napkin on every table. And in Russian Federation we have got a big problem with wc. They have to be bigger and cleaner. And about some differents in menu. A lot of people in our world become vegetarian and they can't it the same food, that eat standard people, so it will be vary good to have new special food
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Fast food restaurant chains such as McDonalds have become increasingly popular due to the quick availability of food they offer. They are often frequented by families with young children and teenagers looking for a quick snack. The food is competitively priced, so that even those on a tight budget will not walk away empty handed. However, Mcdonalds has come under fire in the last few years for encouraging unhealthy eating, leading to obesity within its clientele.

For example, the documentary film 'Supersize me' illustrates the adverse effects of junk food on the body.

Mcdonalds has already begun to alter its menu to include more healthy options such as salads and even fruit in their Happy Meals which are targeted at children.

However, they could be doing more. If McDonalds is serious about improving their service, they should cut down on the amount of additives and sugars added to their products. Removing fructose syrup and e-numbers would be a great start.

If I could add one thing to their menu it would be a range of baked potatoes with healthy toppings.