Напишите сочинение на тему "Вредная и здоровая еда". 8-10 предложений. Чтобы легко читалось и было понятно семиклассникам. Пожалуйста, очень надо. И по возможности больше вариантов.


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people cant live without food. it makes us strong, gives us the energy we need for physical activity and helps us to grow. we eat meat and fish, dairy products and cereals. we also must eat fruit and vegetables because they give us vitamins and minerals.

we're also offered organic food which is natural food and genetically modified food. some say that growing GM food is necessary as the world's population is growing fast. however, other people find GM foods unhealthy and even danherious for those who eat them.

i think the best food is home-cooked food. food cooked at home s healthier and much cheaper. taking care of our own health we can prepare and eat the right food. we should always remember the proverb "Good health is above wealth"