Пожалуйста опишите этих животных по английски:льва,жирафа,павлина,медведя,обязьяну и слона !

Какого они цвета,большие или маленькие ,сколько у них лап , хобот и т.д.

Пожалуйста,заранее благодарю!


Ответы и объяснения


The lion is a big animal which lives in Africa. He has four paws, a tail and a big impressive mane. He is a carnivore of the cat family.

The giraffe is a  big herbivore with a long neck and spotted skin. He has four hooved legs and a tail.

The peacock is an exotic blue bird which cannot fly. It has two legs, a beak. The male peacock can open his tail to form a beautiful fan.

The bear is a big animal with thick fur, four paws and a small tail. He eats berries fish and honey.

The monkey is not verry big. It has four hands, and a tail useful for climbing. It is very intelligent, almost like a human being.

The elephant is a big gray animal with four legs, a long trunk and big floppy ears.