Нужна помощь с английским!

1. Complete the sentences. Use I shall (I'll) + one of these verbs.

carry. do. eat. send. show. sit. stay.

1) My case is very heavy. - I'll carry it for you.(это пример)

2) Enjoy your holiday. -Thank you. ____________________________ a postcard.

3) I don't want this banana. -Well, I'm hungry. _________________________ it.

4) Are you coming with me? -No, I don't think so. _________________________ here.

5) Did you phone Jack? -Oh no, I forgot. _____________________________ it now.

6) Do you want a chair? -No, it's OK. _______________________________ on the floor.

7) How do you use this camera?-Give it to me and ___________________ you.

2. Complete the sentences. Use "can", "could" or "shall/will be able to".

1) In this picture I can see a house.(это пример)

2 )When my father was yyoung he ____________ run fast.

3) ___________ you swim? -Yes,but not very well.

4) They ___________________________ do it next week.

5) I _________________________ read such books when I learn English better.

6) She got the job because she __________ speak five languages.

7) I like this hotel room. You ____________ see mountains from the window.


Ответы и объяснения

1.2) I will send 3)I will eat 4)I will stay 5)I will do 6)I will sit 7)I will show 2.2)could 3)can 4)will be able to 5)will be able to 6)could 7)can