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The first person appeared in Siberia 350-300 thousand years ago. Imeno this time dates the earliest finds of the remains of its activity in caves of Altai. Scientists consider that the first Neanderthal men (sapiens neanderthalensis) got into Siberia - primitive hunters and collectors. The first groups of hunters didn't pass further
Southern Siberia and, apparently, didn't remain in Siberia for a long time.

One left again to the south, others couldn't return and were compelled to remain. Many of them if not everything, perished from sharp changes of temperature or for hunger, without having managed to adapt to severe conditions of glacial Siberia.
The resident population In Siberia appears much later, during an era which archeologists call "the top paleolith". This period of history began 45-40 thousand л.н. also ended about 10 thousand л.н. At this time people of a modern look come to Siberia - hono sapiens sapiens. In the territory of Siberia archeologists investigated some tens ancient parking which allow to track the most ancient ways of development by the person of this region. It is considered that there was three main Petja on which person came to Siberia:
The most known route - from the Central and the Southern Asia through passes in Altai Mountains.
From Mongolia and China to Eastern Siberia.
From Europe through South Ural, Kazakhstan, Altai-Sayan Mountains and further to the east