Помогите ответить употребляя косвенную речь 1." My favourite books are " Gulliver's Travels " and "Robinson Crusoe", answered Vera. " And now I am reading a novel by Walter Scott." What did Vera answer Nina? 2. " Last year we learnt some poems by Byron and Shelley, they are so beautiful, " said Nina. What did Nina Say? 3. " I know many poems by these great poets. I have read some Books about Byron and Shelley, too, said Vera. What did Vera tell Nina? 4. " This year we shall read a play by Shakespeare in English," said Nina. What did Nina say?


Ответы и объяснения


1. Vera answered Nina her favourite books were " Gulliver's Travels " and "Robinson Crusoe". And at that moment she was reading a novel by Walter Scott. 

2. Nina said they had learnt some poems by Byron and Shelley and they were so beautiful.

3. Vera tol Nina that she knew many poems by that great poets. She had read some Books about Byron and Shelley, too.

4. Nina said that year they shold read a play by Shakespeare in English.