Помогите с английским! пожалуйста!!

составить ПО 5 (то есть вообщем 10) предложений содержащих модальные глаголы MUST и HAVE TO, неоднотипные пожалуйста!!


Ответы и объяснения

We must leave our room until 12 am, it is hotel's rule. Today we had really amazing day with him, but i had to go early, because my dad was angry I have to go to school even i don't wanna it I must to speak with her she gonna do something bad I have to sleep because i am going to wake up early tomorrow I had to book a table in the restaurant I must read the all articles about living native Americans there I have to change the dress I was waiting for my girlfriend but her mother said her, she must broke up with me I must to buy new heels for tomorrow party