Как проводят Новый год в Америке 7-10 предложений .На Английском языке . Прошу написать Правильно а не от балды.


Ответы и объяснения


New Year in America is a federal holiday, so most people are not working.

Begins on the eve of training for all kinds of parties, holidays special events, which are often shown on TV.

This is a time to remember all your achievements in the past year and a good fun, meeting new year.

The new year is expected to bring good luck and happiness, and this is one of the reasons why Americans celebrate it with pleasure and delight.

Of course, a fixture of the winter holiday is champagne, and it is also standard, as well promise a fresh start on January 1.


Like all over the world, the New Year is celebrated in the U.S. on January, but to celebrate this holiday, most people begin the day before. In the evening and at night on December 31 decided to see off the New Year, and after midnight the celebration of a new beginning of the year. In America, this is not a family holiday, is most frequently met with in the theaters, restaurants, discos and home clubs. Exactly at midnight heard bells, muffled sound opening bottles of champagne, the howling of sirens and car horns and people hug and wish each other happiness.