. I was born in Athens, but I was __C____ in Thessaloniki. A. brought B. grown C. brought up D. grown up

2.________ your time! We don’t have to be there after eight. A. Pass B. Have C. Take D. Run

3. Don’t forget to ________ your composition for mistakes before you hand it in. A. check B. control C. investigate D. inspect

4. Italian _________ is very popular in Greece. A. kitchen B. meal C. cuisine D. dish 5. He _________ something which I didn’t understand and left the house. A. whispered B. swore C. chatted D. mumbled

6. I don’t think they will ________ this game. The other team is clearly better. A. beat B. win C. gain D. defeat

7. Why don’t you come to the party? I’m sure it’s going to _________! A.be funny B.be fun C.be for fun D. have fun

8. I really enjoy _________ by air, but my brother hates flying. A. transport B. transporting C.travel D. travelling

9. These trousers don’t really _________ me; they’re too small. A. suit B. fit C. match D. go with

10. She’s very __________ in her school – everybody likes her! A. famous B. known C. celebrated D. popular


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