Помогите пожалуста написать тест на тему как я провела летние каникули пожжалуста очень надо


Ответы и объяснения


When summer comes, I have immediately lifted the mood. Not that I have it was bad in the spring, winter or fall, but the fact that you need not go anywhere, get up at school, prepare every day lessons pleases me very much.
In the summer I'm doing all that, just not enough time in school everyday. I like to play volleyball, to spend time with their parents, to meet with his classmates, long sleep and eat a lot of ice cream. I also like that in the summer grows a lot of fruits and vegetables. We have a dacha outside the city. And in the summer I spend much time there. Dad tells me something interesting about the plants, then to me she was able to grow them.
The nature in the summer of gaining juices and gives us everything, that could. I love to walk in the forest with my friends or with my parents. We often go to the river, several times we and dad went on a fishing trip, but all the time I slept with a fishing rod, because sooner had to get up. This year we took the whole family to the sea. A great time from morning to evening, swam, played, sang songs and sunbathed. Summer is my favorite time of year. I would hate for it to end, but then again you will need to go to school every day and prepare the lessons.