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We live in the epoch of scientific-technical revolution. This concept emphasizes the great importance of science and technology in our lives. This was not always so. The rudiments of a science and technics have appeared in the ancient world. For example, the Ancient Greeks has created one of the most brilliant cultures, try to know the nature, but the hard work they have performed servants, and not created by the machine.
Already in the new time of man's attitude to nature has turned into practice. Now, knowing the nature, the person asks a question, what I can do with her. Science has turned to the technique, but rather connected with it in a single whole.
Science becomes a productive force, is closely intertwined with the equipment and production (the so called not a scientific, technical or industrial and scientific-technical revolution). It changes the whole complexion of production, conditions, nature and content of the work, the structure of the productive forces, has an impact on all aspects of life. The relationship between science and technology, is constantly increasing.
People develop the science for the disclosure of secrets and mysteries of nature, in consequence of which solve practical tasks.