Написать текст на английском языке. Тема - "Куда бы я хотел поехать (И почему) ". Ну в смысле в какую страну, город и т.д. Что мне нравится в этом месте.


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But why to Hawaii? Nice sea is and Cyprus, Crete, Montenegro, Egypt (luchsheee!!!), Turkey ... hmm, but where it is not only: dold:! Well, actually, do not have the Havana sea, and by the Pacific Ocean. : Hi: Why them? yes this is why: Hawaii - a place of magic. Kingdom of eternal spring. The land where time stands still. One hundred thirty-two islands and atolls that make up the archipelago - tops resting underwater giant dormant volcanoes, surrounded on all sides by the endless blue ocean. Turquoise lagoons and golden beaches, emerald mountains and black rocks, red flowers and white clouds - Hawaii like a beautiful dream. Even large cities are more like paradise gardens, rather than the modern metropolis. Redolent of tropical flowers and fresh breath of ocean breezes, Pestryaev bright colors and filled with the sounds of music, the six major Hawaiian Islands - Oahu, where most of the population, Kauai, Molokai, Maui, Lanai and Hawaii - taking seven million tourists a year. Here is everything you dreamed of: beautiful beaches and trendy discos for lovers of virgin jungle and wild gardens for nature lovers, beautiful coral reefs and the best surfing venues for fans of sports facilities ... Hawaii - a paradise for gourmets. It built a huge number of restaurants and cafes are all cuisines of the world, including traditional island. It's no secret that Hawaii is famous for fruits and seafood, so of national dishes in the first place recommended to try, "lomilomi" - chopped raw salmon with red tomatoes, "laulau" - fish or pork, wrapped in leaves of the plant, "Six" and steamed "pipikaula" - Spicy beef, "ulu" - roasted breadfruit, "opakapaka" - pink snapper with a sauce of three kinds o