Use to where necessary. 1-We"re going one of Shekespeare"s playes in shool/ I think the theacher said "Hamlet" or "Omlette"-I"m not sure. -She certanly wants "Hamlet". 2. Let us .....visit Strstford on 23 April, that"s the day when Shakespear was born. 3.- I expect you ...... finish reading "Romeo and Juliet"by the end of January.- I don"t think I will be able.....finis hthe play so early . 4-Don"t forget ....visit Anne Hatherway cottage when you come to Stratford._ i would love .....but I"m not sure we"ll have time it . 5-I can"t read Shakespear in the original.-Nobody expects you it . But you should .....rad at least some of his in Morden English


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