a)Maths is..... than History.(difficult) b)The weather is ..... today than yesterday.(bad) c)My grandfather is the ...... in the family.(old) d) This is the ..... hotel in our city.(expensive) e) My brother is..... than me .(yonger) f)I'm.......today (good) g)He's the ..... pupil in class(good) h) It's the ....car(fast) i)Your house is.....than mine(big)


Ответы и объяснения


a) more difficult

b) worse

c) eldest

d) most expensive

e) younger

f) better

g) best

h) fastest

i) bigger


a)Maths is more difficult than History - Математика труднее, чем история.

b)The weather is worth today than yesterday.- Погода сегодня хуже, чем вчера.

c)My grandfather is the oldest in the family. - Бабушка - самая старшая в семье.

d) This is the  most expensive hotel in our city. - Этот отель самый дорогой в нашем ороде.

e) My brother is younger than me. - Мой брат младше меня.

f) I'm better today - Мне сегодня лучше

g)He's the best  pupil in class - Он самый лучший ученик в классе.

h) It's the fastest car - Это самый быстрый автомобиль.

i)Your house is bigger than mine - Твой дом больше моего.