помогите пожалуйста поставить слова в скобках в правильной форме ( Герундий или Инфинитив)

I remember (love) books about animals when I was a child.

I cannot work in here if you keep on (make) so much noise.

Could you lend me your bike? I need .. (go) to the other side in the town

It was getting dark so we decided .. ( make) for the nearest village and find somewhere .. (stay)

I’m really looking forward … (hear) from Sue , she has not contacted me since our holiday.

I regret … (give ) up playing the piano in my childhood .

Alex has put off … (go) to the dentist again though his tooth is aching him terribly

I love … (read) science fiction because you are transported into a strange and exciting world

We’ll have … (face) up to the fact that we can’t afford … (go) to the South in the summer.

My sister and I enjoy … (sing) in the school choir

(Learn) … an instrument is not just question … (like) music. You’ll have … (prerare) to practice as well.

I sincerely apologize … (cause) you so much trouble.

Pam has never seen animals in the wild : she’d love .. (go) on safari.

I offered …(give) him a lift but he refused

Jean ran all the way to the station and managed … (leap) onto the train justbefore it left

If you want .. (do ) your best in these exams , you should avoid .. (sit) up late.

She’s thinking … (specialize) in Russian poetry whenwhen she goes to university.

I must remember .. (buy) Kate a card.

In England you must be eighteen … (vote)


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1. Loving

2. Making

3. To go

4. To make, to stay.

5. Hearing

6.  Giving


8. Reading

9. To face, going

10. Singing

11. To learn, to like, to prepare.

12. For causing

13. To go

14. To give

15. To leap

16. To do, sitting

17. Of specializing

18. To buy

19. To vote



В некоторых местах не очень уверенна, так что лучше перепроверься)




to go

to make to stay





to face going


learning to like to prepare

to go

to give


to do sitting

to specialize


to vote