Помогите пожалуйста написать про Марка Шагала на английском предложений 13-15.


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Russian and French painter of Jewish origin. In addition to drawing and painting also studied scenography, wrote poetry in Yiddish. One of the most famous representatives of the artistic avant-garde of the XX century.Born June 24 (July 6) in 1887 to a Jewish family in the outskirts of Vitebsk. A significant part of his childhood Marc Chagall spent in the house of his grandfather in the village Liozno 40 km from Vitebsk.From 1900 to 1905 he studied at the Vitebsk Chagall four-year college. In 1906

In St. Petersburg, for two seasons Chagall studied at the Drawing School of the Society for Encouragement of Arts, headed by Nicholas Roerich (the school he was accepted without examination for the third year). In 1909-1911, the continuing employment at Leon Bakst in private art school EN Zvantseva. Thanks to his friend Viktor Mekler Vitebsk and Tee Brahman daughter Vitebsk physician who studied also in Petersburg, Marc Chagall entered the circle of young intellectuals, enthusiastic art and poetry

, he studied fine art at the Art School of Vitebsk artist M. Pan, then moved to St. Petersburg.