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There lived two brothers, rich and poor. Rich he did nothing, he had a lot of workers. And poor fished in the lake fish - and so lived.
Celebrated once a rich wedding - married son. Many gathered at his guests.
"I'll go to my brother and me to visit," - thinks the poor. He took a loan from a loaf of bread and a neighbor and went to the wedding.
Come and is on the verge of bread. Saw his rich brother:
- What are you dragged? I've got a couple guests are not you! Get out of here!
And he drove it.
It's a shame it became poor brother. He took the bait and went to fish. He sat in an old canoe and swam to the middle of the lake. Fished, fished - and all the small fish catches. And here and the sun is already setting. "Well - think a poor fisherman, - let down once more for good luck." He threw the bait and pulled a fish, which he has never seen before: a large but all silver.
Glad it was wonderful big fish and stuff it in the sack. And she says, and suddenly a human voice:
- Do not destroy me, my good man, let him go back into the lake.
Fisherman remembered about their children and says
- I can not let you go - and I myself hungry and the children have long wanted. From what I get back home?
- You're so poor - says big fish - then shove his hand in my mouth and pulled out a gold perstenek.
Thought fisherman says
- I'm afraid, you're still hand bitten off.
- Do not worry, not bitten off!
Bolder fisherman reached into his big fish in his mouth and pulled out a gold perstenek.
- What do I do with it? - Asks the fisherman. - Because he did not feed.
- Nothing, - says marvelous big fish - even how to feed! Throw your little fish from a boat and roll back perstenek this.
So the fisherman did. And just threw it to the bottom of the shuttle perstenek as suddenly become a whole lot of money.
Let the fisherman fish in the lake, and he quickly swam to shore. He took off his shirt on the beach, lay in her money and went home.
Poor brother healed now, so that better and do not. Put a new house and invited guests at the housewarming. A brother is not called - could not forgive him for offense.
Visit the rich, that his poor brother, and built a new hut with guests feasting. He said to his son:
- Go see what he has done there. Son came, looked and even running back.
- Oh, - said my father - you do not have to, that your poor brother - and a new hut, and the beast is complete, and all on the table in plenty!
Rich because of envy and black. Sends his son again, to call poor brother.
Poor brother comes to the rich.
- How did you get so good? - Asks the poor rich brother. - They say you live better than mine.
The poor man, and all told, it was.
As he heard it rich, so his hands and itching.
"I'll go - I think - and I'll catch that fish."
He took the bait tight, got a new canoe and even swam to the middle of the lake. Caught, caught and fished, did a marvelous fish.
- Do not destroy me - asking big fish, - let go back, I got the little children ...
- No, my dear, - stubborn rich. - I will not! Give me a perstenek what gave you my brother.
- So your brother was poor, he had no bread. What's it for?
- How so why? Do not want my brother was richer than I am! Come perstenek all! And no - I'll take you home and roasted.
- Well, - said big fish. - Take it, if you so much envious. What's that to me.
She opened her mouth. A greedy rich man stuck his hand in her mouth at the very elbow. Big fish here as crushed teeth - bites his hand and plunged to her on the lake bottom.
Rich brother returned home and no money, and no hands.
Serves him right!