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Тебе наверно на английском надо)

New Year - a national holiday. It is celebrated for a long time, the habits and traditions of the celebration of this holiday is a table and the Christmas tree! New and have deep roots.
Some families have a tradition of writing on bumazhechke desires until byt chimes zzhikat her ashes in a bottle of champagne and drink to the dregs and in kavoto bake Christmas cakes with a surprise - to put one coin, the other is baked salt, and one sweet. Over the New Year's table, the chime of bells should choose a cake, and a lot of them on a platter. Anyone who gets a coin, in the next year be rich, the owner of the salt cake waiting for tests, and sweet - happy, sweet life.
It is believed that the new year must meet the new clothes, then the disease will not stick.