рассказ об русском празднике об одном каком нибудь на английском 10-11 строчек пожалуйста


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This New Year was very special for every guest that came to our house!Since the begining of the party was very nice,full of joy and fun,no one could predict such ending..First guest entered our house at 8 p.m. and changed the atmosphere completely,we all started running around the house,trying to settle all things.mom was still cooking the dishes and was pretty worried about being late with it!Kids were decorrating the house,since we did all the decorations few days before,still kids were trying to give it a new look:)Dad and uncle were discussing something very important as it seemed to me at the very begining,but when i came closer i understood they are just trying to decide who will go to the shop to buy some things that we have forgotten! 
In 1 hour with half when all dishes were ready and the kids stolen all the candies from the new year tree,the rest of the guests came..We were really happy with the celebration untill one incident,that spoiled our mood amd made us laugh at the same time!After 2 hours of celebrating some guest went outside,mom went to reheat some food,kids were lying under the new year tree already,hiding the papers from the candies..and only our naughty dog Jack was left in the room!! 
After few minutes when everyone came back,we could not recognise our room and table!What happened?But when we looked at Jack we understood who was the reason of that mess in the room...Happy Jack was lying just near the table with a chicken leg in his mouth,and with a plump belly...I started laughing:"Happy New Year,Jack!"