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1. People usually go to the dentist when they have a toothache

2. Peple, espesially children drink hot milk with honey, when they caught a cold anв have to stay in bed

3.In Russia, people call the doctor if they are in so bad condition that nobody of closest relatives couldn't help them. They are too ill to stay at home and repaip themselves by national drugs

4.When man has cool saturated day with lot's of activities, and he is tired, he have to go to bed earlier to prepair to the next day

5.Whan you have got a flг with a high temperature, you have to take some aspirin to feel better

6.When you are going to the trip by bus it's better not to drink any drinks before it, because nobody knows when you wold be need a WC

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1. People go to the dentist when they have a really bad toothache.- Люди идут к стоматологу, когда у них ужасная зубная боль.

2. People  drink hot milk with honey when they caught a cold.- Люди пьют горячее молоко с медом, когда они простудились.

3. People usually call the doctor if they have a high temperature. - Люди обычно вызывают врача, если у них очень высокая температура.

4. People  go to bed earlier and rest when they are very tired. - Люди ложатся спать раньше и отдыхают, когда они очень устали.

5. People usually  take some aspirin when they have a high temperature. - Люди обычно принимают аспирин, когда у них высокая температура.

6. People usually don't drink any coffee or tea when it is very hot.- Люди обычно не пьют кофе или чай, когда очень жарко.