Помогите написать сочинение минимум на 12 предложения : Описание парка (неважно какого)


Ответы и объяснения


Hyde Park

London is full of wonderful parks and Hyde Park is one of them.It's very popular with Londoners and tourists because it is do close to the centre next to Marble Arch.There are many things to do in Hyde Park.You can play tennis,cyrcle,rollablade or go bowling and horseriding.The main attraction of the park is Serpantine Lake and the gallery of the same name.A very famous area is Speakers' Corner.Here anyone can speak publicly on any subject they want.You can also see a lot of interesting sights.One of them is the statue of Achilles.It was the first almost naked statue in London.Nowadays Hyde Park is often used for different conserts.If you want to relax you can always find a deckchair,sit down and read a newspaper or a magazine or simply watch the world go by.


Near my house there is a park. It is very beautiful and clean. There is a fountain, benches, trees, and many beautiful flowers. These often come mothers with children, grandparents, and those who do zroslye morning run.
The water in the fountain is very clean. I love coming here with friends. Sit by the fountain and talk about interesting things. What could be better?