Complete the sentences with a question tag.

1.They could help you, ______?

2.They will go there tomorrow,______?

3.He wrote the exercise,_____?

4.We have got something to tell her, ____?

5.There is something interesring in the box,____?
6.They had nothing to eat,_____?
7.He saw nothing strange in the situation,___?
8.You are never tired,___?
9.They were never happy,______?

10.They were always happy,_____?


Ответы и объяснения


1. Couldn't they? Они могут помочь тебе? Не так ли?

2.wouldn't they?

3.Didn't he?

4.haven' t we?

5. Isn't it?

6.don't they have?

7. Didn't  he saw?

8.aren't you?

9.weren't t they?

10. Weren't they?


1. couldn't they?

2 won't they?

3 didn't he?

4 haven't we?

5 isn't there?

6 did they?

7 did he?

8 are you?

9 were they?

10 weren't they?